16.01.2014 | Kyiv, Ukraine

Informational Training for Ukrainian NCPc

A 'Training for NCPs' held on 16th January 2014 was organised back-to-back with the Horizon 2020 Launch Conference in Kyiv by the BILAT–UKR*AINA project. It was dedicated mainly to NCP network representatives and focused on new challenges, novel NCP services, changes and modifications of new EU Framework Programme (especially in comparison to 7th FP).

The event comprised three modules:

  1. Benchmarking system dedicated to NCP and their services (system was prepared within EU project: “ INCONTACT” and presented by George Baroutas (Help-Forward Greece)
  2. Horizon 2020 specificity, especially focusing on changes in comparison to FP7: financial rules, new type of projects and new market oriented activities as vital part of projects , strong application approach, SME and industry involvement.
  3. NCP services - present and future challenges focusing on services, structures and NCP practice of activity. Presentation was based on Polish NCP experience (best practice, history of NCP network structures changed and adapted to specific needs, national instruments of support to Polish FP project coordinators, European and National Technology Platforms, cooperation with Ukrainian organizations: common events, FP projects, study visits).

Module 2 and 3 was presented by Krzysztof Trojanowski (representing Polish Academy of Sciencies - BILAT-UKR*AINA partner): download presentation.

Presentations were followed by time of open discussion especially on needs and Ukrainian specificity (research environment, industry and SMEs involvement).

Polish experience and good-will of further cooperation was highly appreciated by participants. Polish Academy of Sciences (as BILAT-UKR*AINA project partner) declares support especially in NCPs brokering activities (common project consortia creation) as well active support in creation of National Technology Platforms in Ukraine.