22.05.2013 - 23.05.2013 | Kyiv, Ukraine

Two ICT events in Kyiv: CEENGINE NREN Users Workshop and InfoDay 'ICT in Horizon 2020'

The CEENet/CEENGINE NREN Users Workshop (22 May 2013) addresses the prominent research organisations and institutions who are either connected or intend to connect to the respective National Research and Education Networks in Eastern Europe (NRENs). You can combine your attendance with your participation in the ICT Info Day 'ICT in Horizon 2020', which will take place on the following day.

The ICT info day (23 May 2013) is aimed at helping participants:

  • to better understand the role of ICT in Horizon 2020;
  • to exchange experience of participation of EaP countries in FP7.
  • to present ICT research priorities in Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries based on the findings of the project PICTURE (Policy dialogue in ICT to an Upper level for Reinforced EU-EECA Cooperation) and the pilot actions of the project planned for 2013-2014.

More information is available at the event's website.

More information about the CEENet/CEENGINE NREN Users Workshop.

Source: Garbriela Cikikyan, Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI)