24.05.2010 - 28.05.2010 | Odessa, Ukraine

11th International Conference: "Modern information and electronic technologies"

The 11th international conference on "Modern information and electronic technologies" will take place in Odessa from 24-28 May 2010.


  • Ministry of industrial policyof the Ukraine
  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Ukraine
  • Odessa National Politechnic University
  • Publishing Center «PolitechPeriodica»


Section 1. Information technologies and artificial intelligence systems
1.1. System problems of construction and modeling of intellectual information systems. 1.2. Methodology of software development. 1.3. Information security. 1.4. Pattern recognition and image analyses. 1.5. Neuronet technologies. 1.6. Fuzzy modeling and control.

Section 2. Computer systems and networks
2.1. Hardware and software of computer systems. 2.2. Design, modeling, control and diagnostic of computer systems hardware and software. 2.3. Digital signal processing. 2.4. Special computer systems and networks. 2.5. Computerized control system. 2.6. Monitoring and control in computer systems.

Section 3. Radio engineering, telecommunication and television systems
3.1. Signal transmission and processing. 3.2. Hardware radio electronic devices. 3.3. Television devices and systems. 3.4. Technologies and communication devices.

Section 4. Design, engineering, manufacturing and control of electronic devices
4.1. Design and engineering of electronic devices. Reliability. Ensuring of thermal conditions. 4.2. Computer-aided design systems. 4.3. Developing of technological processes, materials and equipment. 4.4. Production of electronic components, unit and devices.

Section 5. Functional electronics. Micro- and nanotechnologies
5.1. Functional micro- and nanoelectronics. 5.2. Opto- and acousto-electronics. 5.3. Meter-converter. Sensors. 5.4. Microelecrtomechanical systems. 5.5. Specific materials.

Section 6. Problems of environmental monitoring and biomedical electronic technologies
6.1. Problems of environmental monitoring. 6.2. Components and devices for environmental monitoring. 6.3. Biomedical equipment. Investigation and development.

Conference languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.


for including reports into the conference program were accepted with report papers until 31 January 2010. Each application with corresponding letter was to be sent to the e-mail <tkea@optima.com.ua>. 


Deadline for referat submission 31 January 2010
Conference will take place 24 - 28 May 2010

Price information

80 $

Additional information

The reports papers are being published at Conference Proceedings before the beginning of the conference.
Current information about the conference, list of declared reports and approved Program can be found on the website.
Invitation card will be sent to participant by the e-mail at the end of April 2010.

Contact information:

E-mail <tkea@optima.com.ua>.
Organizing committee secretary Nazarova Margarita