After the completion of the BILAT-UKR*AINA project on 30 June 2015, this page will not be updated any more. For the latest developments in science, technology and innovation cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union please visit the web portal incrEAST.
  • 30.06.2015

    Web portal incrEAST keeps you in the loop on EU-Ukraine cooperation in science, technology and innovation

    As S&T Gate UKR.EU will be not be updated after the completion of the BILAT-UKR*AINA project on 30 June 2015, please visit the web portal incrEAST for up-to-date information on cooperation activities and funding opportunities related to EU-Ukraine cooperation in science, technology and innovation.
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  • 30.06.2015

    BILAT-UKR*AINA project completes its activities

    Today is the last day of the BILAT-UKR*AINA project (Enhancing the BILATeral S&T Partnership with UKRraine * Advanced INnovative Approach), which has supported research, technology and innovation cooperation between the EU and Ukraine since 2012. The project was based on existing cooperation of the main stakeholders and built up on the results of previous projects funded under FP7 dealing with Ukraine, in particular BILAT-UKR (2008-2012).
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  • 29.06.2015

    'Blue Guide' on EU requirements for products now available in Ukrainian

    Ukrainian producers can now get acquainted with the EU Blue Guide in Ukrainian language to better understand the EU product rules and their application across different sectors of the single market. This publication of the European Commission aims to promote understanding of the regulatory regime of EU products. It is widely used in practice by economic entities, including manufacturers, importers and distributors which are operating in the EU or supply their products to the European market. The Blue Guide is a thorough manual for conformity assessment bodies and authorities of the Member States of the EU.
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  • 19.06.2015

    EU further supports Ukraine’s reform agenda and its economic recovery

    Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy, and Ukraine's Economy Minister, Aivaras Abromavicius, yesterday signed a financing agreement worth €55 million for the programme 'EU Support to Ukraine to Re-launch the Economy' (EU SURE).On his visit to Ukraine the Commissioner said the EU SURE programme would support the development of SMEs and the recovery of those regions most affected by the conflict.
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  • | Deadline: 1 August 2015

    Ukraine Biorisk Management Enhancement Grant Competition

    The Biorisk Management Enhancement Grant (BMEG) competition program aims to improve biosecurity, biosafety and biorisk management procedures and knowledge. It strives to increase biorisk management awareness and its importance in safeguarding science in the Ukraine. Grant awards, each up to $15,000 USD, will be made in support of projects that must be completed within six months from the date a project agreement is signed.
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  • 17.06.2015

    Horizon 2020 kick-starts Bio-based industries in Europe with €50 million

    The first ten projects of the new Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU), a partnership between the EU and industry, will get underway with a total of €50 million from Horizon 2020, the EU's research funding programme, and a further €28 million from the industry. This is thanks to the signature of the grant agreements finalised on 15 June 2015.
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  • 09.06.2015

    Ukraine's Minister of Education and Science welcomes new funding initiative by CRDF Global

    With tensions in Ukraine rising and the country's future uncertain, CRDF Global has created a new emergency fund to support the country's scientists and innovators. While Ukraine has an established system of science and higher education it has been severely affected by a lack of funding and security due to the current crisis. Accompanying the announcement of the 'Emergency Fund for Ukraine's Scientists and Innovators', Serhiy Kvit, Ukraine's Minister of Education and Science, released a statement outlining the significance of this new effort.
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  • 02.06.2015

    EU project trains Ukrainian manufacturers on entering the EU market

    Ahead of establishing a free trade area between EU and Ukraine, Ukrainian manufacturers can raise their knowledge on the state of adapting the Ukrainian legislation to the European 'New Approach' and on how to export products into the EU. From May till September 2015 EU experts on technical regulations will inform Ukrainian businesses all over Ukraine on the state of adaptation and on how to cope with a range of EU technical requirements for products.
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  • 11.05.2015

    Innovation Scoreboard 2015 – Scandinavian countries and Germany innovation leaders in Europe

    The European Innovation Union Scoreboards provide a comparative assessment of research and innovation performance in Europe. The scoreboards help countries and regions identify the areas they need to address. Sweden has confirmed its innovation leadership. It is followed by Denmark, Finland, and Germany as European Innovation Leaders.
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  • | Deadline: 2 June 2015 | 12 p.m. CET

    Experience Research in Germany - take part in the Green Talents Competition!

    Promote your research in Germany and gain exclusive access to its sustainable development hotspots! Sustainable development means leading an environmentally friendly life in a way that conserves resources. This is essential to preserve our world for subsequent generations and particularly important in enabling our cities to overcome the challenges ahead. With its top innovation and research centres, Germany supports these efforts in particular by intensifying international cooperation among the bright young minds of tomorrow.
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  • | Deadline: 30 April 2015

    Joint Call for Proposals 'NASB (BRFFR) – NANU – 2015'

    A joint call for proposals for research projects has been launched by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (in collaboration with the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research) and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
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  • 26.03.2015 - 27.03.2015 | Brussels, Belgium

    Supporting Coordination with various EU Programmes: Ukrainian R&I policy makers visit Brussels

    A study visit for Ukrainian R&I policy makers and responsible for budgetary planning was co-organised by the Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development, RCISD and NIP/Ukraine. The study visit took place in the frame of the project activity focusing on preparing the ground for a well understood approach towards various EU programmes and providing recommendations on how to exploit synergies between Horizon 2020 and other programmes focusing on the regional approach in RTDI and on human resource development in RTDI.
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  • 02.04.2015

    2nd Stakeholders' Forum Summary Report published

    The Summary Report of the 2nd Stakeholders’ Forum of BILAT-UKR*AINA held on 27-28 January 2015 has been finalised and is now available. The event was centred around two main topics: The first was Ukraine's association to the Framework Programmes and the set-up of an NCP system, and the second was how to stimulate innovation. Both topics are of high relevance in moving forward R&I cooperation between the EU and Ukraine. The Stakeholders Forum was attended by more than 70 participants. Based on the conclusions and the main outcomes of the event policy recommendations were formulated.
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  • 22.04.2015 - 26.04.2015 | Kherson, Ukraine

    Apply until 8 April to take part in the EU Study Days in Ukraine

    The EU Delegation in Ukraine, in cooperation with the Centre for Ukrainian Reform Education, has opened a call for applications for the 12th EU Study Days’ session in Ukraine, aimed at helping Ukrainian students and graduates enhance their knowledge of the EU.
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  • 20.03.2015

    Ukraine signs Association Agreement to Horizon 2020

    Researchers, businesses and innovators from Ukraine will now be able to fully participate in Horizon 2020, the European Union's research and innovation funding programme, on equal terms with EU Member States and other associated countries. This is thanks to the Agreement for the Association of Ukraine to Horizon 2020, signed today in Kyiv by Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, and Serhiy Kvit, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine.
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  • | watch this!

    New video about International Cooperation in Research and Innovation

    The European Commission has published a short video about international cooperation in research and innovation under Horizon 2020, the current Framework Programme of the European Union. The EU is a world leader in research and innovation. With 7% of the world's population, it accounts for 24% of the world expenditure on research, 32% of the high impact publications and 32% of the patent applications. Horizon 2020 is the most open research and innovation programme in the world. Watch the video and find out more.
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  • 18.03.2015

    BILAT-UKR*AINA Newsletter No 8 published

    This quarterly newsletter keeps you informed about current and forthcoming BILAT-UKR*AINA project activities and current developments in EU-Ukraine Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) cooperation. Among others the current issue includes information about the outcomes of the BILAT-UKR*AINA 2nd Stakeholders’ Forum “Enhancing Ukraine’s Competitiveness in RI on the way to the Association to Horizon 2020”, which was held in Kyiv on 27-28 January 2015.
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  • 16.03.2015

    Ukraine's Science Minister recommends to sign Agreement on Horizon 2020 Participation soon

    As 'Pan European Networks' reports, the Ukrainian Minister for Science and Education, Serhiy Kvit, is encouraging his government to get involved in the EU’s current research and innovation framework programme. Speaking at a cabinet meeting, Kvit said that at 'this time when we have significant problems with funding of the scientific research, our universities, our research investments must get access to such a big grant programme.' The minister also pointed out that association agreement with the European Commission to participate in Horizon 2020 needs to be signed by 20 March 2015.
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  • 26.02.2015 | Kyiv, Ukraine

    IncoNet EaP Workshop on the Enterprise Europe Network successfully held in Kyiv

    The Enterprise Europe Network Workshop was organised by the TBI Kharkov Technologies (KT) from Ukraine and the Institute of Technological Research PAN (IPPT PAN) from Poland and carried out within the activities of the IncoNet EaP project. The idea of the workshop on the Enterprise Europe Network was to reflect on successful examples of cooperation of the EaP countries with the EEN and to propose ways to extend the network in other EaP countries.
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  • | take part until 31 March 2015!

    Danube-INCO.NET Survey on Barriers to RTDI Cooperation in the Danube Region

    Danube-INCO.NET invites you to fill in a questionnaire in order to better understand barriers and obstacles in relation to international cooperation in Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RTDI), as well as pitfalls including the socio-cultural aspects. The goal is to eventually propose recommendations for the policy making system. The deadline is 31 March 2015.
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  • | Deadline: 16 March 2015

    Travel Grants for Ukrainian Researchers to prepare Project Proposals for 'Horizon 2020' Calls

    The project BILAT - UKR*AINA announces a call for awarding travel grants of up to 650 EUR to Ukrainian researchers, who intend to participate in the EU programme 'Horizon 2020' in the following priority areas: 1.New materials and processing technologies; 2.Information and communication technologies; 3.Biotechnologies; and 4.Aeronautics. Along with the above mentioned priority topics, grants may be provided on other thematic areas of the programme 'Horizon 2020', as each submitted project proposal will be evaluated on an individual basis.
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  • 24.02.2015

    Nürtingen-Geislingen University now coordinates German Agricultural Centre in Ukraine

    Since the beginning of this year, the University of Economics and Environment, Nürtingen Geislingen (HfWU) has been running the German Agricultural Centre (DAZ) in Ukraine founded in 2009. The agricultural center is a training, demonstration and research institutions which contributes to the modernisation of agriculture in Ukraine. The centre is supported by a group of leading European companies from the agricultural sector. It is financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL).
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  • 03.03.2015 | online | 10:00 CET

    Webinar on ’How to reinforce the involvement of research oriented SMEs to Horizon2020?'

    In the frame of the BILAT-UKR*AINA project a joint follow-up webinar of the Summer School (organised in September 2014) and the 2nd Stakeholder Forum (in January 2015) will be held on facilitating the participation of SMEs in Horizon 2020 to reinforce cooperation between academia and industry. The webinar is free of charge and open to all.
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  • 16.06.2015 | Frankfurt a.M., Germany

    2nd NoGAP Brokerage Event in Frankfurt am Main/ Germany - Call for proposals

    NoGAP is looking for novel ideas which could have a strategic and meaningful impact to the energy sector in the EU and the Eastern Partnership region. If you are a researcher an/or an entrepreneur from the European Union or the Eastern Partnership region, you are encouraged to respond to this call.
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  • 10.02.2015

    'Polish Erasmus for Ukraine' – Poland supports Ukraine in Higher Education

    Poland's Ministry of Science wants 400 more students and 50 graduate students from Ukraine to start studying in Poland in February 2015 - said Polish Minister of Science Lena Kolarska-Bobińska, who met with the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, Serhiy Kwit in late January. The Polish Science Minister visited Kiev as a member of the government delegation of Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, which met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenjouk.
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  • 02.02.2015

    Networking made easy - in the EU, the Eastern Partnership and worldwide

    The EU webplatform '' enables you to interact in online groups for the worldwide development community. You can provide your own profile, exchange your experience with others working in your field, upload documents and more. Here just a few of the groups that might be interesting for you: 'Environment in the EU's Eastern Neighbours', 'European Neighbourhood and Russia', 'Communicating EU-Ukraine cooperation' or 'MedMedia Neighbourhood & Russia'. Or maybe you want to start your own group?
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  • 30.01.2015

    Web portal 'Horizon 2020 Ukraine' provides comprehensive information in Ukrainian language and links to National Contact Points

    All about Horizon 2020, the EU's current Framework Programme for Ressearch and Innovation, in Ukrainian language, plus related news, events, and documents. The portal also offers links to the Ukrainian National Contact Points, which provide support and advice to Ukrainian participants in Horizon 2020.
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  • 27.01.2015 - 28.01.2015 | Kyiv

    BILAT-UKR*AINA 2nd Stakeholders’ Forum: Enhancing Ukraine’s Competitiveness in RI on the way to the Association to Horizon 2020

    Lessons learnt and good practices in the process of Ukarine's association to the EU Framework Programmes were in the focus of the 2nd Stakeholders’ Forum of the BILAT-UKR*AINA project. Also on the agenda were STI policies and other measures to promote innovation. In addition to presentations by expert speakers the forum offered plenty of opportunity for discussions. The event atracted more than 70 participants.
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  • 19.03.2015 | Paris, France

    2 Eastern Partnership related Workshops at the ASEAN-EU STI Days in Paris: 'Health' and 'Climate Change and Water Management'

    The ASEAN-EU STI Days bring together researchers, scientists, science policy makers, innovative companies, and other stakeholders for a yearly three-day conference on science, technology, and innovation issues and bi-regional co-operation in these fields. 'Health' and 'Cliamet Change' are among the focus areas of SEA-EU-NET 2, IncoNet EaP and IncoNet CA, three projects that support the advancement of the policy dialogue btween the EU and their respective partner regions. The invitation of the IncoNet projects ensures networking on a larger scale. Both slots dedicated to EaP and CA are also open for EU and ASEAN researchers.
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  • | Deadline: 31 January 2015

    Junior Fellowship for Scholars from Ukraine

    This fellowship program, jointly organized by the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna and the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe in Lviv (Ukraine), supports research on the legacies of Europe in the history of Ukraine. Topics include modern intellectual, cultural, social and political history. Themes related to urban studies or to one of the IWM’s research fields are likewise welcomed.
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  • 13.01.2015

    Eastern Partnership relations rank high on the agenda of the Latvian Presidency of the EU Council

    What are the European Union’s main challenges which the incoming Latvian Presidency of the EU Council will need to address? On 4 December 2014 a large-scale Latvian EU Pre-Presidency conference titled 'Moving the Union forward: Involvement, Growth, Sustainability' was held in Riga. EU relations with the Eastern Partnership countries – especially with Ukraine – ranked high on the agenda.
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  • 26.02.2015 | Kyiv

    IncoNet EaP Workshop on the Enterprise Europe Network

    The idea of the workshop on the Enterprise Europe Network is to reflect on successful examples of cooperation of the 3rd countries with the Enterprise Europe Network and to propose ways to extend the network in Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries.
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  • 11.01.2015 - 20.01.2015 | Saarbruecken, Germany

    Winter School in European Integration for young academics from Ukraine

    The Winter School in European Integration is carried out by the Europa-Institut of the Saarland University and receives financial support from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). It will take place from 11-20 January 2015 at the Europa-Institut in Saarbrücken, Germany. The Winter School’s theme is 'Democracy and Human Rights in the European Union'.
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  • 03.12.2014

    Boosting scientific cooperation with Ukraine

    Ukraine is now the top beneficiary of the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme, according to a feature article on the NATO website. Practical, scientific cooperation with the country is being increased substantially in response to the crisis in Ukraine. Previously, Russia received the most SPS funds but cooperation has been suspended until further notice. The SPS Programme is a NATO policy tool that enhances cooperation and dialogue with all partners, based on scientific research, innovation, and knowledge exchange. It provides funding, expert advice, and support to security-relevant activities.
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  • 20.11.2014 | online | 10:00 CET

    1st Follow-Up BILAT-UKR*AINA Summer School: Webinar on Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions

    The first of two online meetings for participants of the summer school provided information about the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA). The objective of the MSCA is to support the career development and training of researchers – with a focus on innovation skills – in all scientific disciplines through worldwide and cross-sector mobility.
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  • 13.10.2014 - 17.10.2014 | Vienna, Austria

    Study Tour for Ukrainian Stakeholders on Renewable Energy Solutions in Austria

    The interest in renewable sources is strong amongst Ukrainian stakeholders, especially thanks to the current political and consequent energy crisis. In particular, biomass-based heating systems are seen as an attractive alternative to natural gas supplies from Russia. In this light, representatives of the Ukrainian State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, the Scientific Engineering Center 'Biomass', the Renewable Energy Agency and of the UNIDO project team in Ukraine participated in a study tour on renewable solutions held in Vienna on 13 - 17 October 2014.
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  • 04.11.2014 - 07.11.2014 | Kyiv

    International Exhibition 'Energy Efficiency'

    'Energy Efficiency' is one of the leading international exhibitions on renewable energy, energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies in Ukraine. This year's show will focus on alternative and renewable energies, energy-efficient and energy-saving technologies, equipment and materials in power-engineering, industry, and building. It expects a large number of visitors & exhibitors from all over Ukraine.
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  • 31.10.2014

    Discussing the the future of innovation policy

    A new European Commission is about to take office tomorrow, and an updated UK strategy for science and innovation is expected in the next few weeks, so this might be a good moment to debate the future of innovation policy. In an article published in The Guardian, Johan Schot, Director of the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex, raises the question whether 'innovation' can really be an end in itsself and what needs to be done to develop innovation policies that creatively tackle the societal challenges of the future.
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  • 28.10.2014

    BILAT-UKR*AINA featured in PAN European Networks Horizon 2020 Projects Portal Magazine

    The current issue of the Horizon 2020 Projects Portal Magazine published by PAN European Networks features an article about BILAT-UKR*AINA. It outlines objectives and activities of the project and its role in supporting EU-Ukraine policy dialogue.
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  • 24.10.2014 | Kyiv

    Ukrainian National Technology Platform on Advanced Materials (UNTPAM) successfully launched

    On 24 October, the launch conference for the Ukrainian National Technology Platform on Advanced Materials took place in Kyiv. Bringing together the capacities of Ukrainian material science research and industry in this field, UNTPAM aims to strengthen innovative developments, facilitate coherence in national and international cooperation and initiate the definition of a strategic research agenda for Ukraine. Expected long-term results include a significant acceleration of the implementation of scientific results, improved research funding, an increase in the number of work places and an improved access to the European and world markets.
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  • 22.10.2014

    New guide helps SMEs understand EU funding tools

    A new publication has been released this month by the European Commission's Directorate General for Enterprise and Industry. The guide is intended for small and medium-sized companies developing technologies for use on both civil and military markets and presents opportunities offered by Horizon 2020 and COSME (EU programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).
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  • 17.10.2014

    Now also in Ukrainian – info on Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions

    Comprehensive information about the 'Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions' in Ukrainian language has been published on the website of NIP Ukraine. An eight pages flyer in PDF format is available for download. The objective of the MSCA is to support the career development and training of researchers – with a focus on innovation skills – in all scientific disciplines through worldwide and cross-sector mobility. For this, the MSCA provide grants at all stages of researchers' careers, from PhD candidates to highly experienced researchers, and encourage transnational, intersectoral and interdisciplinary mobility.
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  • 10.10.2014 | continuous – various deadlines

    Ukraine Funding Opportunities updated

    The web portal provides links to current bilateral cooperation projects between the EU and non-European countries – such as BILAT-UKR*AINA – and features a database with national funding opportunities in these countries, which are open to European researchers or joint research endeavours. The information about funding programmes in Ukraine has recently been updated and currently lists 58 funding opportunities.
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  • 02.10.2014

    Information Guides for Ukrainian applicants

    Are you planning to participate in an EU call under Horizon 2020? Step by step information manuals for Ukrainian researches on partner search, organisation registration, LEAR registration, and self registration at the Participant Portal are available on the website of the National Information Point for Ukraine (in Ukrainian).
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  • 04.11.2014 - 05.11.2014 | Kyiv

    NoGAP Brokerage Event on Energy

    The EU funded NoGAP project organises a Brokerage Event in Kyiv to foster networking activities and match potential project partners from EaP countries and the EU in the field of energy.
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  • 06.10.2014 - 07.10.2014 | Budapest, Hungary

    ICT in-house training for Ukrainian researchers at RCISD

    The RCISD (Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development) is organising an ICT in-house training for experienced Ukrainian researchers and research project managers in Budapest. The training is scheduled for the 6-7 October 2014, with the aim to offer intensive training for just a few of the best or most promising Ukrainian researchers of top-level Ukrainian RTDI organisations, as well, as to increase their likelihood of participation in RTDI projects with European partners.
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  • 26.09.2014 | Kharkiv

    Ukrainian-German Conference: Possibilities of cooperation in the framework of the international project FAIR

    The Ukrainian-German conference on cooperation in the framework of the FAIR project was held in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on 26 September 2014. The purpose of the conference was the preparation of joint projects and cooperation programmes between the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NAS of Ukraine)and FAIR. The event was part of the 'Night of Science in Kharkiv'.
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  • 23.09.2014

    EU Progress Report on the Implementation of the Strategy for International Cooperation in Research and Innovation

    In September 2012 the Commission adopted a Communication entitled 'Enhancing and focusing EU international cooperation in research and innovation: a strategic approach' (COM(2012) 497). The Communication sets out a new strategy for international cooperation in research and innovation, in particular with a view to implementing Horizon 2020. The current report, published on 12 September 2014, reflects on the progress that has been made and outlines the tasks that still lie ahead.
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  • 22.09.2014

    German-Ukrainian School of Governance founded

    The Government in Kiev is further advancing the modernisation of its public administration systems. These activities are also supported from Germany. Upon the initiative of the Karl-Georg Wellmann, Member of the German Parliament, scholars of the 'Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht (HWR)' (University of Economics and Law) have founded the 'German-Ukrainian School of Governance e. V.' in a joint effort with experts from politics and administration.
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  • 15.09.2014 - 18.09.2014 | Kyiv

    BILAT-UKR*AINA Summer School: 'European RTDI policies, Instruments and Participation Possibilities'

    BILAT-UKR*AINA Summer School on ’European RTDI policies, instruments and participation possibilities’ was successfully held in Kyiv on 15-18th September 2014. The aim of the Summer School was to provide a comprehensive hands-on training on project development and management in the frame of Horizon 2020. The Summer School focused on the following four scientific fields: ICT, Nanomaterials, Biotechnologies and Transport.
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  • 17.09.2014

    European Parliament and Verkhovna Rada ratify EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

    The European Parliament gave its consent to the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, which includes a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA), on Tuesday in Strasbourg. At the same time, the Agreement was also ratified by the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev. The deal will establish a deep political association and economic integration between the EU and Ukraine.
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  • 27.08.2014 - 30.08.2014 | Lviv

    2nd International research and practice conference 'Nanotechnology and nanomaterials'

    2nd International research and practice conference 'Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials' was held in Lviv, 27-30 August 2014 under the FP7 Nanotwinning project. The event focused on the latest advances in nanosciences and nanotechnologies and promoted profound scientific discussions between scientists and researchers from different disciplines and countries.
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  • | end of October 2014 | date tbc

    Workshop on Bioenergy in Kyiv

    The objective of this workshop will be to discuss the status of agricultural bioenergy in Ukraine for applications in transport (liquid biofuels)and/or heat and/or electricity. Specific attention will be paid to resource mapping, feedstock categories selection, biomass to energy conversion issues as well as support mechanisms and financing. This workshop will discuss specifically the present situation of agricultural biogas in Ukraine (GHG mitigation potential, costs, connection to the grid, etc.), as well as the perspectives at short or mid-term.The event will take place on 3 days in late October, exact dates yet to be defined.
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  • 23.07.2014

    Ukraine Country Report 2014 now available online and for download

    We have updated our information about Ukraine's S&T landscape: The Country Report 2014 provides general information, an insight into research infrastructure, research policy and international cooperation. You can also download it in PDF format.
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  • 09.07.2014 - 10.07.2014 | Kyiv, Ukraine

    3 Information Events on Horizon 2020 recently held in Kyiv

    With support of the IncoNet EaP Project three Information Events took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 9-10 July 2014 in 'Health' field of Horizon2020. The first was an Informtaion Day titled 'Horizon 2020: Health, demographic change and wellbeing' organised by the local partner of the project, the National Information Centre for Ukraine-EU S&T Cooperation (NIP Ukraine) on 9 July 2014 on the premises of the State Agency on Science, Innovation and Informatization of Ukraine (StASII).
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  • 17.07.2014 | online | 09:30-11:30 (CET)

    BILAT-UKR*AINA: 4th Webinar on Horizon 2020

    In line with BILAT UKR*AINA objectives to promote S&T cooperation opportunities between Ukraine and EU, to support the creation of networks and the participation in joint projects, the project held a webinar on Horizon 2020 addressing future Ukrainian participants in EU funded S&T projects.
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  • 26.06.2014 - 27.06.2014 | Kyiv, Ukraine

    Boosting EU-Ukraine cooperation on Superhard Materials - START project final conference

    The final conference of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union START project 'Development of cooperation between the EU and Ukraine in the field of superhard materials' will be held 26-27 June 2014 at the V.N.Bakul Institute for Superhard Materials National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
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  • 04.06.2014 | online | 09:30-11:30 CET

    BILAT-UKR*AINA 3rd Webinar on Horizon 2020 succesfully held

    In line with BILAT UKR*AINA objectives to promote S&T cooperation opportunities between Ukraine and EU, to support the creation of networks and the participation in joint projects, the project successfully held a webinar on Horizon 2020 addressing future Ukrainian participants in EU funded S&T projects, more particularly within the work-programmes 'Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies' and 'Science with and for society'.
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  • | apply until: 18 July 2014

    The Global Innovation Award 2014

    The Global Innovation Award, supported and sponsored by the ESASTAP Plus project, aims to recognise the most innovative start-ups outside the EU that bring new technologies, products or services to market. Nominated start-ups must have been formed outside the 28 EU member states, G8 member states and FP7 associated countries after 1 January 2011. A high-level selection committee will review the nominations and shortlist finalists in July 2014. The finalists will then be invited to join the Science|Business annual summit on 7 October in Berlin to present their company in a 3-minute 'elevator-pitch' to the jury and the summit audience.
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  • | apply until: 10 June 2014

    BILAT - UKR*AINA project announces call for awarding travel grants to Ukrainian researchers to participate in H2020 projects’ preparatory meetings in EU

    The BILAT - UKR*AINA project announces a Call for awarding travel grants to Ukrainian researchers who intend to participate in the EU Framework Programme 'HORIZON 2020' in the following priority areas: 1. New materials and processing technologies; 2. Information and communication technologies; 3. Biotechnologies; and 4. Aeronautics.
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  • | Deadline: 25 May 2014

    Competition ‘On a virtual highway – to the endless opportunities in your future business’

    Polish Foundation of Communication and Agency of European Innovations are inviting students and graduates of Ukrainian Universities to take part in a competition “Embark on the virtual highway to endless opportunities in your future business!” The project is co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.
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  • 13.03.2014 | online

    2nd BILAT-UKR*AINA Webinar on Horizon 2020 – focus on 'Transports' – presentations available

    This BILAT-UKR*AINA webinar was successfully held on Thursday, 13 March 2014 from 9:30-11:30 CET. The presentations are now available for download.
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  • 11.03.2014

    Horizon 2020 Handbook for Ukrainian researchers published

    The BILAT-UKR*AINA project has published a 'Horizon 2020 Handbook for Ukrainian Researchers', which is thought as a useful tool for Ukrainian researchers in order to enhance their participation in European research projects (especially Horizon 2020) and to foster the overall research cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union.
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  • | Deadline: 2 June 2014

    Call for bilateral proposals between Austria and Ukraine published

    Joint research teams consisting of Austrian and Ukrainian researchers can submit their joint proposals under the Intergovernmental Science and Technology Agreement between Austria and Ukraine until 2 June 2014. The broad thematic priorities targeted by this call include natural sciences, biotechnology research, ICT research, nanophysics and nanotechnology and high-energy physics.
    [more] (URL:
  • 05.03.2014

    Extending International Science and Technology Cooperation with Ukraine in ICT

    The joint Kick-off Meeting of two EU funded ICT projects took place in Thessaloniki, Greece, on 20-21 February 2014. Two Ukrainian teams, those of the National Information Centre for Ukraine-EU S&T Cooperation at SE 'Ukrtechinform' and NGO 'Agency of European Innovations' are the partners of the projects titled, correspondingly, 'EAST-HORIZON – Fostering Dialogue and Cooperation between the EU and EECA in the HORIZON 2020 perspective' and 'EECA-2-HORIZON – Bringing the EU-EECA Cooperation and Policy Dialogue in ICT in the HORIZON 2020 Era'.
    [more] (URL:
  • 28.02.2014

    Guideline on Third Country Participation in Horizon 2020

    The European Commission has recently published a 'Guideline on Third Country Participation in Horizon 2020' titled 'Funding of Applicants from non-EU Countries & International Organisations'. This reference document gives practical advice on projects involving participants from non-EU countries and international organisations and lists also the third countries automatically eligible for funding. Click 'more' to download the PDF.
    [more] (URL:
  • 13.02.2014

    Ukrainian Horizon 2020 NCP network established

    The network of National Contact Points (NCPs) for Horizon 2020 is the main structure in each country to provide guidance, practical information and assistance on all aspects of participation in this EU Research and Innovation programme. The list of Ukrainian Horizon 2020 NCPs was recently approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and is now accessible via the European Commission and BILAT-UKR*AINA websites.
    [more] (URL:
  • 21.01.2014

    Upcoming Horizon 2020 calls with relevance to Ukraine

    The following list provides an overview of several upcoming calls under Horizon 2020, the EU's new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The list includes links to the call texts on the European Commission's 'Partcipant Portal'.
    [more] (URL:
  • 20.01.2014

    Information about the open calls under Horizon 2020

    Horizon 2020 is the new EU funding programme for research and innovation running from 2014 to 2020 with a €80 billion budget. The first calls for proposals for Horizon 2020 were published on 11 December 2013. Its simplified rules and submission and grant management tools should facilitate participants' tasks. On the follwoing page you will find links to the related websites of the European Commission.
    [more] (URL:
  • 16.01.2014 | Kyiv, Ukraine

    Informational Training for Ukrainian NCPc

    A 'Training for NCPs' held on 16th January 2014 was organised back-to-back with the Horizon 2020 Launch Conference in Kyiv by the BILAT–UKR*AINA project. It was dedicated mainly to NCP network representatives and focused on new challenges, novel NCP services, changes and modifications of new EU Framework Programme (especially in comparison to 7th FP).
    [more] (URL:
  • 16.01.2014 | Kyiv, Ukraine

    Horizon 2020 Launch Conference

    The Launch Conference of Horizon 2020 organised by the EU funded project 'BILAT UKR*AINA - Enhancing the BILATeral S&T Partnership with UKRraine * Advanced INnovative Approach' with the support of the State Agency on Science, Innovation and Informatization of Ukraine (SASII) took place at the premises of the SASII in Kyiv on 16 January 2014.
    [more] (URL:
  • 04.12.2013

    BILAT-UKR*AINA project publishes brief report on Pilot Activity

    One of the main BILAT-UKR*AINA objectives consists in providing support to the implementation of the JSTCC S&T roadmap by realizing pilot activities for suitable joint actions between stakeholders from Ukraine and EU countries. The present report describes the setting-up of the first of these, Pilot Activity 1 (PA1), which supports the creation of a 'Ukrainian National Technology Platform for Advanced Materials – UNTPAM' and started in July 2013.
    [more] (URL:
  • 28.11.2013

    Offer to Ukraine still on the table, Commissioner tells Eastern Partnership Business Forum

    The Ukrainian decision to suspend temporarily the preparations for signing the Association Agreement (AA) is disappointing 'not just for the European Union, but we believe, also for the people of Ukraine,' Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Commissioner Štefan Füle has told participants of the second Eastern Partnership Business Forum, which opened in Vilnius on the eve of the Eastern Partnership Summit. But the offer is still on the table, he said, and the Association Agreement ready for signature as soon as Ukraine is ready.
    [more] (URL:
  • 27.11.2013

    Experts wanted for Horizon 2020

    The European Commission needs independent experts for Horizon 2020. Apart from evaluating proposals for funding, experts are needed for monitoring funded projects as well as programme evaluation and policy development. A broad range of fields are covered including science, technology, innovation, social sciences and humanities, business and more, as set out in full in the published call.
    [more] (URL:
  • 25.11.2013

    EU offering scholarships for university graduates from ENP countries, including Ukraine

    The European Commission’s Directorate General Education and Culture is offering a large number of scholarships to university graduates from European Neighbourhood Policy countries, for postgraduate studies at the College of Europe – Bruges or Natolin (Warsaw) campus – during the academic year 2014-2015.
    [more] (URL:
  • 22.11.2013

    Draft Horizon 2020 Work Programmes (2014-2015) available online

    A large majority of the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg approved Horizon 2020’s five draft regulations in a vote on 21 November 2013. With a budget of nearly €80 billion, Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU research programme yet, and one of the biggest publicly funded ones worldwide. Built on three pillars – excellent science, industrial leadership and societal challenges – Horizon aims to fund all types of activities, from exploratory science to close-to-market innovation.
    [more] (URL:
  • 21.11.2013

    EU Study Days in Ukraine: watch lectures online!

    The 6th session of the EU Study Days in Ukraine will be held from 20 to 24 November in Lvivon. Forty Ukrainian university students and graduates will be selected to take part in this session, which will cover political, economic, legal, energy and visa-related aspects of EU-Ukraine relations. A special focus of event will be devoted to the development of bilateral relations after next week’s Vilnius summit of the Eastern Partnership.
    [more] (URL:
  • 20.11.2013

    New COST Actions - New Networking opportunities for researchers

    COST supports cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe through networking tools such as workshops, conferences, training schools or short-term scientific missions. Besides around 300 Actions currently running, 40 new COST Actions in nine scientific domains (and one trans-domain) were approved in the recent 188th CSO Meeting, 13-14 November 2013 in Brussels.
    [more] (URL:
  • 07.11.2013 | online | 09:30-11:00 CET

    Webinar on Horizon 2020 successfully held!

    On 7 November 2013 the BILAT UKR*AINA project successfully held its first webinar on Horizon 2020, addressing Ukrainian researchers and project managers interested in S&T cooperation projects with Europe, under the umbrella of the European Union’s framework programme for science, technology and innovation.
    [more] (URL:
  • 27.09.2013 - 05.10.2013 | Haspra (Crimea), Ukraine

    ICFM 2013: International Conference on Functional Materials

    The International Conference on Functional Materials has been held in Crimea biennially since 2001. Over the years it has become a meeting place for physicists, chemists, biologists, physicians, and engineers dealing with the production, research and application of various functional materials. This year, it is planned to include a presentation on the new European Framework Programme 'Horizon 2020' with some clarification on how this part of the science community could apply and include Ukrainian partners.
    [more] (URL:
  • 05.09.2013 - 06.09.2013 | Vilnius, Lithuania

    Event review: International Conference 'European Higher Education in the World'

    The International Conference 'European Higher Education in the World' was held from 5th to 6th September 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania, in the frame of Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2013.
    [more] (URL:
  • 01.09.2013 | Yerevan, Armenia

    Event review: Education Ministerial Session of the Informal Eastern Partnership Dialogue

    The Education Ministerial Session of the Informal Eastern Partnership Dialogue was held on 1 September 2013 in Yerevan, Armenia. In frame of this event Ms. Androulla Vassiliou, Member of the European Commission responsible for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth, delivered a speech titled 'Erasmus+ will boost EU's Eastern Partnership'. The full speech is available online.
    [more] (URL:
  • 05.10.2013 - 09.10.2013 | Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

    Apply now: EU Study Days to be held in Dnipropetrovsk

    Forty university students and graduates from Ukraine's Eastern regions will benefit from the fifth session of the EU-funded EU Study Days, held from 5 to 9 October in Dnipropetrovsk.
    [more] (URL:
  • | next deadline: 31 January 2014

    r4 - Innovative technologies for resource efficiency: A funding measure of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

    Ukraine is listed among the countries of particular interest in the frame of this call, which supports research for the supply of raw materials of strategic economic importance. The availability of such raw materials is crucial for an export-oriented and industry-based economy like Germany's. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) therefore supports research initiatives by funding the German partners in relevant projects. Collaboration with international partners is explicitly welcome if an additional value for the project is gained and the dissemination and exploitation of results is focused on Germany.
    [more] (URL:
  • 20.08.2013

    Simplifying Participation in COST Activities

    COST is an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology, allowing the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level. Setting up or participating in a COST Action is easy - but from 28 June 2013 it has become even easier! COST recently revised the rules for participation in COST activities to make them more inclusive, user-friendly and responsive to scientists’ networking needs.
    [more] (URL:
  • 30.09.2013 - 01.10.2013 | Vilnius, Lithuania

    EEP 2013 – Conference on the Enhancement of European International Cooperation and Eastern Partnership in R&D&I

    This conference, which is organised under the aegis of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, focuses on cooperation in Ressearch, Development and Innovation on the international level with special emphasis on the Eastern Partnership countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) in the context of European Research Area, Innovation Union, Europe 2020 and Eastern Partnership Roadmap.
    [more] (URL:
  • 15.08.2013

    New Publication: Innovation Performance Review of Ukraine

    The Innovation Performance Review of Ukraine continues the series of national assessments of innovation policies initiated by the earlier Reviews of Belarus and Kazakhstan. These policy advisory exercises draw on the experience accumulated by the UNECE in the identification of good practices and policy lessons in the area of knowledge-based development, with particular reference to the problems of countries with economies in transition.
    [more] (URL:
  • 29.07.2013

    EU Delegation to Ukraine: 20 years together

    The EU Delegation to Ukraine has just published a new brochure in Ukrainian language titled 'EU Delegation to Ukraine: 20 years together'. It marks the 20th anniversary of formal cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union. The brochure reviews how EU-Ukraine relations have been implemented, presents achievements over the last 20 years and provides an outlook on future joint activities.
    [more] (URL:
  • 19.07.2013

    Agreement on Horizon 2020 endorsed

    On 17 July the Committee of Permanent Representatives endorsed the agreement on the 'Horizon 2020' programme for research and innovation for the years 2014 to 2020. The agreement paves the way for the formal adoption of the 'Horizon 2020' legislative package by the European Parliament and the Council through a vote in the coming months. Horizon 2020 will replace the EU's 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7), which runs until the end of 2013. Compared with FP7, the new programme is expected to further eliminate fragmentation in the fields of scientific research and innovation.
    [more] (URL:
  • 05.07.2013

    Materials of Infoday "ICT in HORIZON 2020" available for download

    The Information Day on 'ICT Research and Innovation in Horizon 2020 - Eastern Partnership (EaP)' took place in Kyiv, Ukraine on the 23rd of May 2013. The event was attended by more than 140 participants, mostly EaP ICT stakeholders. Presentations are available from the website of the Lviv State Centre of Science, Innovations and Informatization.
    [more] (URL:
  • 26.06.2013

    2nd Meeting of the EU-Ukraine Joint S&T Cooperation Committee (JSTCC)

    The second meeting of the EU-Ukraine JSTCC established under the bilateral S&T Agreement took place in Kiev on 24 May at the State Agency on Science, Innovation and Informatization (SASII). The JSTCC proposed strengthening the cooperation through leveraging it in the broader regional context of the Eastern Partnership and giving more emphasis to the innovation dimension, and the need for an increased interaction with industry.
    [more] (URL:
  • 19.06.2013

    European Sustainable Energy Week in Ukraine

    The European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) will be held in Ukraine from 22-30 June 2013 (main events 24-28 June). Ambassador Jan Tombinski, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine and Volodymyr Deboy, mayor of the host city Zhytomyr, will present the programme. As a countrywide initiative, the EUSEW will embrace topical activities, seminars, exhibitions, press-tours and workshops in different Ukrainian cities.
    [more] (URL:
  • 24.05.2013

    94 Ukrainians were selected to study in Europe within Erasmus Mundus programme

    In May 2013, in accordance with the official decision of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, 87 Master level scholarships and seven Doctoral level fellowships were awarded to Ukrainians to study in one of the 138 Erasmus Mundus master programmes and 42 joint doctoral programmes.
    [more] (URL:
  • | Deadline: 9 June 2013

    Reminder: Green Talents wanted

    Time is running out, 9 June is nearing, and the opportunity to apply for the Green Talents Competition of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is closing soon. So take your chance and apply now. As a reminder: the 'Green Talents – International Forum for High Potentials in Sustainable Development' annually offers 25 outstanding young researchers an exclusive access to German R&D.
    [more] (URL:
  • 21.05.2013 - 22.05.2013 | Kyiv, Ukraine

    Programme Owners and Managers Stakeholder Forum 'EU-Ukraine STI Cooperation: paving the way for joint activities'

    The main objective of this event is to identify and discuss options for enhanced science, technology and innovation cooperation between Ukraine and EU in a stronger coordinated manner. The first forum may also initiate a regular exchange of best practices for innovation support measures within international STI cooperation. The final agenda is now available.
    [more] (URL:
  • 10.05.2013

    Ukraine decides to establish a Coordination Centre for Innovation Cooperation between the CIS countries

    On 29 April 2013 the Ukrainian government adopted a decree on the establishment of a Coordination Centre for the implementation of the Interstate Program of Innovation Cooperation of the participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States for the period up to 2020.
    [more] (URL:
  • | various dates in 2013

    Upcoming Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Events in Ukraine

    2013 offers multiple opportunities to strengthen the ties between the Ukrainian and European research communities. The following events might be of interest to individual scientists, research organisations, project agencies and policy stakeholders from both Ukraine and the EU.
    [more] (URL:
  • 10.06.2013 | Kosice, Slovakia

    Horizon 2020 - Introduction and Networking Symposium

    The 'Horizon 2020 - Introduction and Networking Symposium' will take place as the pre-conference symposium of the International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics – IPC2013 on 10th June 2013, at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Kosice.
    [more] (URL:
  • 21.05.2013 - 23.05.2013 | Białystok, Poland

    Special Forum & Exhibition on Challenges and Opportunities for collaboration EU-Poland-Eastern Europe Countries/S&T Days Poland East

    The forum aims at expanding the international co-operation between EU countries and Eastern Countries, especially Belarus and Ukraine, particularly within the Eastern Partnership.
    [more] (URL:
  • 22.05.2013 - 23.05.2013 | Kyiv, Ukraine

    Two ICT events in Kyiv: CEENGINE NREN Users Workshop and InfoDay 'ICT in Horizon 2020'

    The CEENet/CEENGINE NREN Users Workshop (22 May 2013) addresses the prominent research organisations and institutions who are either connected or intend to connect to the respective National Research and Education Networks in Eastern Europe (NRENs). You can combine your attendance with your participation in the ICT Info Day 'ICT in Horizon 2020', which will take place on the following day.
    [more] (URL:
  • 26.04.2013

    EU Delegation to Ukraine opens additional call for applications for the next sessions of the EU Study Days project

    The Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, in cooperation with the Centre for European Reform Education, opens an additional call for applications for the 3rd and the 4th sessions of the EU Study Days in Ukraine, an initiative aimed at helping Ukrainian students and graduates enhance their knowledge about the EU.
    [more] (URL:
  • 22.04.2013

    New publication: 'Research and Innovation in support of the European Neighbourhood Policy'

    The booklet presents a selection of FP7 projects – among them some involving partners from Ukraine –, which directly contribute to the development of a Common Knowledge and Innovation Space (CKIS). The CKIS is meant to cover policy dialogue, capacity-building, cooperation in research and innovation, as well as increased mobility opportunities for students, researchers and academics. The projects are organised in nine thematic chapters, and for each project a short description and a list of all participating organisations and contact persons are provided.
    [more] (URL:
  • 12.04.2013

    Ukraine and Kazakhstan sign program of cooperation in science and technologies for 2013-2017

    In the frame of a meeting of the Prime Ministers of Ukraine and the Republic of Kazakhstan in April a program of cooperation in science and technologies was signed between the State Agency for Science, Innovations and Informatization of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan for 2013-2017.
    [more] (URL:
  • 09.04.2013

    New BILAT web portal will promote funding opportunities in Ukraine

    The new web portal serves a a single access point for 14 current bilateral STI cooperation projects funded by the EU. In addition to information about the projects, including BILAT-UKR*AINA, the new portal offers a database on funding opportunities in Third Countries worldwide that are also open to European researchers. For Ukraine no programmes are listed yet, but make sure to bookmark the new portal, as the database content will updated continually.
    [more] (URL:
  • 03.04.2013

    Four new Policy Briefs on EU-Ukraine S&T Cooperation published by BILAT-UKR*AINA project

    One of the main tasks of the BILAT UKR*AINA project is to support the coordination of policies between the European Commission and Ukraine by providing tailor-made support to the Joint S&T Cooperation Commitee (JSTCC). In this context the project has compiled four Policy Briefs, which are now also available to the general public.
    [more] (URL:
  • | Deadline: 15 May 2013

    Ukrainian Ministry of Education promotes international training opportunities and internships abroad 2013

    On 1 March 2013, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine published a call promoting the education and training of students and post-graduate students at leading universities and scientific institutions abroad in 2013. This also includes internships for scientific and pedagogical staff.
    [more] (URL:
  • | Deadline: 14 August 2013

    Call for proposals for 'Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF)'

    The European Commission has published a call for proposals for 'Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowships (IIF)'. This call for proposals aims to encourage cooperation of researchers from Member States and Associated Countries with their peers from third countries.
    [more] (URL:
  • | Deadline: 14 August 2013

    Call for proposals for 'Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development (IOF)'

    The European Commission has published a call for proposals for 'Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowships for Career Development.' Described in the 2013 People Work Programme, this initiative aims to reinforce the international dimension of European researchers' careers.
    [more] (URL:
  • 08.03.2013

    'eTwinning Plus' virtual classroom network starts in Ukraine

    Inter-cultural competence, language and networking skills are prerequisites for successful international science cooperation. And you can't start early enough. The European Commission’s 'eTwinning' network, which has encouraged 100 000 schools in 33 European countries to talk to each other via the internet, has now been extended to schools in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.
    [more] (URL:
  • 25.08.2013 - 01.09.2013 | Bukovel, Ukraine

    NANO 2013: International Conference on Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

    The first 4 days of the conference will be held in the format of an international summer school for young scientists. For the next 4 days the event will be extended to an international conference. Invited are all scientists active in the fields of nanotechnology and nanomaterials as well as in multidisciplinary scientific apporoches in these fields. The conference willfeature plenary sessions, speeches and poster presentations.
    [more] (URL:
  • 25.02.2013 | Brussels, Belgium

    16th EU-Ukraine Summit

    The 16th EU-Ukraine Summit took place in Brussels on 25 February. The Summit was hosted by the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, and the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso. Ukraine was represented by President Viktor Yanukovych.
    [more] (URL:
  • 15.04.2013 - 19.04.2013 | Budapest, Hungary

    Training course on RTDI evaluation targets Ukrainian researchers and programme owners

    The EVAL-INNO project invites Ukrainian researchers and managing authorities/programme owners who are active in the evaluation of research, technology development and innovation to take part in training opportunities about procedures, approaches and methods on how to evaluate RTDI programmes, instruments and institutions.
    [more] (URL:
  • | Deadline: 15 January 2013

    BILAT-UKR*AINA launches Best Project Idea Competition for ICT Calls

    Are you a Ukrainian with a research idea that might be interesting for an ongoing ICT FP7 Call? Do you need assistance in finding project partners for your idea or support in the proposal writing? Then the BILAT-UKR*AINA 'Best Project Idea'-Competition might be for you!
    [more] (URL:
  • | Deadline: 25 January 2013

    Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus: Apply now for scholarships under the Erasmus Mundus Partnership

    Applicants from Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine may apply for scholarships for the academic year 2013-2014, funded under the Erasmus Mundus Partnership for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine (EMP-AIM).
    [more] (URL:
  • | Deadline: 26 March 2013

    Sixth call for Tempus project proposals is announced

    The sixth call for proposals of Tempus IV was announced on December 5, 2012 with a deadline on March 26, 2013. Project proposals of the current call submitted with participation of universities from Ukraine, should concern modernization of curricula in the fields of teacher training and education, law and good governance, including human rights, health, environment including climate change and other fields; reform of university governance and student services, introduction of quality assurance mechanisms, promotion of lifelong learning in society, development of qualification frameworks, training of non-university teachers and more.
    [more] (URL:
  • 09.11.2012

    New EU International Strategy for Research and Innovation

    The European Commission adopted a new strategy for developing international cooperation in research and innovation on 14 September 2012. It has a particular focus on global challenges such as climate change, food security and fighting diseases. The new strategy will be mainly implemented through Horizon 2020, the new funding program for research and innovation starting in 2014.
    [more] (URL:
  • 06.11.2012 | Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

    Workshop "Science Evaluation as prerequisite for promoting Excellence in Research" – conclusions

    On November 6, 2012, the Academy of Science of Moldova hosted the workshop "Science Evaluation as prerequisite for promoting Excellence in Research" with international participation, including EU and Eastern Partnership (EAP) countries. The main objective of the workshop was to disseminate the best practices on science evaluation in order to promote a common vision of evaluation activities.
    [more] (URL:
  • | Deadline: 13 December 2012

    EU - Belarus/Moldova/Ukraine: BMU-MID 2nd Call for Applications now open

    The 2nd Call for Applications of BMU-MID was launched on 18 October 2012 for exchanges starting in autumn term 2013. Grants are available for study, research and professional visit purposes at all mobility levels. Opportunities are available to EU citizens to Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine (BMU) and for citizens of BMU countries to EU. Application deadline is 13 December 2012, 14:00 Finnish time (GMT +2).
    [more] (URL:
  • 05.10.2012

    BILAT UKR*AINA project supports you to identify partners in Ukraine

    BILAT-UKR*AINA can help you to find partners for the currently open EU call "Reinforcing cooperation with European Neighbourhood Policy countries on bridging the gap between research and innovation (R2I-ENP)". Deadline for proposal submission is 18 December 2012.
    [more] (URL:
  • 10.09.2012 - 11.09.2012 | Vienna, Austria

    Kick-off Meeting BILAT-UKR*AINA

    The Centre for Social Innovation organised the Kick-off Meeting of the BILAT UKR*AINA project in Vienna on September 10-11, 2012 with attendence of all project partners and members of the advisory board.
    [more] (URL:
  • 27.01.2012

    Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan – will investments push agricultural development?

    The Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO) organised a podium discussion titled: 'Agricultural Investments in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan – “Land Grabbing” or Development Opportunity? ' in the frame of the 'International Green Week 2012' in Berlin, where experts from science, policy and private sector met to exchange their views at the 'Global Forum for Food and Agriculture'.
    [more] (URL:
  • 25.01.2012

    UCAB signs agreement with IAMO at International Green Week in Germany

    In the framework of the International Green Week (Berlin, Germany), the Association «Ukrainian Agribusiness Club» (UCAB) together with the Ukrainian Embassy in Germany and the Eastern Committee on Economic Relations organised an Evening on Ukrainian Agribusiness. The reception, in which the Ukrainian Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Mykola Prysiazhnyuk, participated, was held on January 20, at the Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin.
    [more] (URL:
  • 31.01.2012 - 01.02.2012 | Kyiv, Ukraine

    BILAT-UKR Final Conference: "Enhancing the bilateral Science and Technology Partnership in Ukraine"

    At the final conference of the project, which ends in February 2012, the main results and achievements of BILAT-UKR, examples of tools for enhanced EU-Ukraine cooperation, and key issues were presented.
    [more] (URL:
  • | Deadline: 30 January 2012

    The Joint Operational Programme Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova (2007 - 2013) launches 2nd call for proposals for cross-border projects

    The objective of the Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova Joint Operational Programme for 2007-2013 is to provide the framework for the implementation of cross border activities in the context of the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI). This call addresses local and regional authorities as well as non-profit organisations.
    [more] (URL:
  • 22.11.2011

    Law "On Ratification of the Agreement by Exchange of Notes on Renewal of the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the European Community and Ukraine" adopted

    The agreement renews the Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation between the European Community and Ukraine of July 4, 2002 signed in Copenhagen, which confirms importance of science and technology for the economic and social development of both Parties.
    [more] (URL:
  • 05.10.2011

    German-Ukrainian Innovation Partnership in Sustainable Environmental Technologies

    A new German-Ukrainian project is meant to initiate research and development cooperation in sustainable environmental technologies. The main activities will be the establishment of a network in research and development of sustainable environmental technologies and training activities for young scientists and for staff of science parks, technology transfer centers and SMEs.
    [more] (URL:
  • 04.10.2011

    ENPI Info Centre publishes Eastern Partnership Info Pack

    The Eastern Partnership Summit opened in Warsaw on 29th September. The ENPI Info Centre has prepared an Information Pack highlighting the achievements of this Partnership that completes the EU’s foreign policy towards Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine as a specific Eastern dimension of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP). It is available in English and Russian language.
    [more] (URL:
  • 03.10.2011

    Registration open for the Tempus Information Days in Ukraine

    Tempus InfoDays will provide an opportunity to raise awareness among higher education institutions of the possibilities offered by the European Educational Programs: Tempus, Erasmus Mundus and Jean Monnet. Registration for the InfoDays in Ukraine is now open.
    [more] (URL:
  • 03.08.2011

    EU 2012 Work Programmes - EU-Eastern Partnership opportunities at a glance

    The 2012 FP7 work programmes were adopted by the European Commission on 19 July. The first series of calls for proposals, with a budget of over €5.3 billion was launched on 20 July. To emphasize the international dimension of this initiative a new website was set up. The linked slides provide researchers working in EU-Ukraine cooperation with a brief overview of the content of the work programme and the current calls, and highlight some specific topics which may be of particular interest.
    [more] (URL:
  • 20.07.2011

    New FP7 calls published today - Info Meeting in Brussels on 27 July

    The EU Framework Programme has published new calls for proposals, representing Europe’s biggest ever package of research and innovation investment of approx. 7 billion Euro volume.
    [more] (URL:
  • 11.07.2011

    The 'Participant Portal' - new online access point for participants in the EU's Framework Programme

    The European Commission's new Participant Portal becomes the single authoritative website for the publication of FP7 calls. Calls are no longer published on CORDIS. CORDIS users are being redirected to the relevant pages of the FP7 calls section on the Participant Portal and are assisted to update their bookmarks accordingly.
    [more] (URL:
  • 20.06.2011 | Kyiv, Ukraine

    Information Day on Energy and Evironment in Kyiv

    The National Information Centre for Ukraine-EU S&T Cooperation jointly with the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences conducted within the IncoNet EECA project agenda the Information Day on FP7 priorities “Energy” and “Environment” (including “Climate Change”) in Kyiv in the premises of E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine on 20 June 2011.
    [more] (URL:
  • 23.05.2011

    Grant opportunity to launch a new project with European and Ukrainian partners

    The 7th Framework Programme for Research and Development of the EU supports new multilateral scientific projects with both European and Ukrainian partners. In July 2011, a call in NANOSCIENCES, NANOTECHNOLOGIES, MATERIALS and NEW PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGIES will be launched. This is an opportunity to be funded by the EU to launch a multilateral project between European and Ukrainian researchers.
    [more] (URL:
  • 23.05.2011

    Grant opportunity to launch a new project with European and Ukrainian partners

    information in Ukrainian language
    [more] (URL:
  • 01.02.2011

    AERO-UKRAINE: "Stimulating Ukraine - EU Aeronautics Research Co-operation"

    Ukraine has a proud heritage in aeronautics dating from the Soviet era. It is one of the few countries in the world to have research, engineering and production capabilities across a wide range of aeronautics technologies. Despite these strengths, the participation of Ukrainian aeronautics actors in the EC’s past framework programmes has been low. Consequently, the main aim of the AERO-UKRAINE project is to facilitate research co-operation between aeronautics actors from the EU and Ukraine.
    [more] (URL:
  • 26.01.2011 | Donetsk, Ukraine

    Workshop review: "Possibilities for the Ukrainian Researchers in the EU Framework Programme"

    A workshop titled "Possibilities for the Ukrainian Researchers in the EU Framework Programme" was held at Donetsk National University on 26 January 2011. The target group included scientists, researchers and educators of Donetsk region. 47 of them took part in this event.
    [more] (URL:
  • 26.01.2011

    EU funded research projects launch joint activity on partner search for Ukranian research institutions

    On 23rd December 2010 the National Contact Point of the EU 7th Framework Programme (FP7) on Research and Technology Development (FP7 NIP-Ukraine) and the EU-funded project “Joint Support Office for Enhancing Ukraine’s Integration into the European Research Area” (JSOERA) launched a joint activity related to practical support to Partner Search. This activity comes in support to the request received from Ukrainian organisations willing to participate in FP7, and the EU organisations looking for potential partners in Ukraine.
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  • 14.01.2011

    Ukrainian ICT research competence at a glance

    The EU-EECA ICT Cluster, a joint initiative of the projects ISTOK-SOYUZ, EXTEND and SCUBE-ICT, has developed promotional factsheets to present the ICT competence of various EECA countries at a glance. Follow the link for the ICT promo sheet for Ukraine.
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  • 10.01.2011

    Ukrainian authorities planning to create common information infrastructure until 2015

    According to the State Agency of Ukraine for Science, Innovation and Information, a common information and telecommunications infrastructure of central and local government agencies will be established until 2015 as part of the third stage of electronic government development.
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  • 20.09.2010

    Joint Statement by the President of the European Commission and the President of Ukraine

    The President of the European Commission José Manuel Durão Barroso and the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych met in Brussels on 13 September 2010. They reviewed the state of play in EU-Ukraine relations; developments in Ukraine and the EU as well as international issues.
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  • 20.08.2010

    Towards Ukrainian participation in EU programmes

    On 28 July, the European Commission presented the Council with proposed decisions regarding a protocol to the partnership agreement between the EU and Ukraine concerning Kiev's participation in the programmes of the Union. The protocol contains a framework agreement on the general principles for Ukraine's participation in the programmes of the Union.
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  • 18.08.2010

    Ukraine establishes "State Committee on Science, Innovation and Informatization"

    A State Committee on Science, Innovation and Informatization of Ukraine has been established in accordance with Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine N548, from 5 July 2010.
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  • 15.06.2010

    EU-Ukraine Cooperation Council, 14th Meeting, Luxembourg

    At the fourteenth EU-Ukraine Cooperation Council on 15 June 2010, the Cooperation Council underlined the strength of EU-Ukraine relations and looked forward to deepening them further in the coming year.
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  • 11.05.2010

    Ukraine and Russia agree on closer cooperation in social sciences

    The ministers of science and education of Ukraine and the Russian Federation agreed to promote cooperation in social sciences and humanities between the two countries. Further steps for an integtrated approach in science and education are planned for the near future.
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  • 25.04.2010

    Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine implements State Committee for Science, Technology and Innovations Development

    By the Regulation No. 290 of 7 April 2010 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has founded the State Committee for the Issues of Science, Technology and Innovations Development.
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  • 13.04.2010

    Extending EXTEND in Ukraine

    The Consultation Workshop “Current Situation and Priorities of Information and Communication Technologies Development in Ukraine for 2010-2015” took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on 31 March 2010 in the premises of the Great Conference Hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
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