S&T Gate UKR.EU provides information on national research policies, structures, programmes and organisations in the Ukraine. On the following pages, you will find a compilation of information promoting communication among all those involved in international cooperation. It will help you find important on-site contact partners, ongoing projects and funding opportunities. These pages will not be updated after June 2015.

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  • Information on FP7

    In this chapter you will find comprehensive information on the 7th Framework Programme.
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  • Calls

    The targeted promotion of EU-Ukraine collaborations in innovative fields of research has the aim of giving new impetus to this sector, which is expected to lead to a new level of R&D relations between the partners. This will benefit young researchers in particular. In this section, you will find information about current funding programmes. The aim is to enable interested institutions to develop and implement viable cooperation schemes in research and development.
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  • Projects/ Programmes

    In this section, you will find a list of past projects in which Ukraine was participating and a list of programmes that support international cooperation projects between the EU MS/AC and Ukraine. For current projects with Ukrainian participation, please check the project related websites in the right hand side bar.
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  • European Technology Platforms

    Technology Platforms respond to the real need of research and technology development in Europe. Numerous Technology Platforms were established and became the key actors in European Research. Not only the European but also National Technology Platforms are of the vital importance. The linked document, prepared in the form of Frequently Asked Questions, will explain most of the arising questions and problems.
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  • Experts

    Get in touch with experts who can advise and support you in the initiation of new projects and the search for further partners in Ukraine.
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