Ukraine: Current Information

Please note that after the completion of the BILAT_UKR*AINA project on 30 June 2015, the following pages will not be updated any longer. For up-to-date information on EU-Ukraine STI cooperation please visit the web portal incrEAST, which features a special page dedicated to current cooperation activities and funding opportunities related to Ukraine.

  • News

    After the completion of the BILAT-UKR*AINA project on 30 June 2015, this page will not be updated any more. For the latest developments in science, technology and innovation cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union please visit the web portal incrEAST.
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  • Newsletter

    Over the life span of the BILAT-UKR*AINA project (September 2012 - June 2015) a newsletter kept interested parties informed about current developments in EU-Ukraine Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) cooperation. It was compiled by NIP Ukraine with the support of the BILAT UKR*AINA project partners.
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  • Events

    Find out about current events related to science and technology in Ukraine as well as with participation of Ukrainian organisations. The incREAST calendar allows you to specifically to browse for events in Ukraine.
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  • Policy Documents

    Overview of the EU-Ukraine related policy documents, including bilateral agreements and background information.
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