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For up-to-date information on EU-Ukraine cooperation in science, technology and innovation beyond June 2015 please visit the web portal 'incrEAST', which features a special page dedicated to:

Current cooperation activities and funding opportunities related to Ukraine

S&T Gate UKR.EU was maintained and financed in the frame of the FP7 funded projects BILAT-UKR (2008-2012) and BILAT-UKR*AINA (2012-2015). This platform addressed researchers, developers and scientists who are interested in carrying out cross-border research projects, and gaining experience in science, technology and innovation cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union, its Member States and Associated Countries. S&T Gate UKR.EU was also aimed at decision-makers in politics and the private sector.


(not updated after 30 June 2015)
  • 30.06.2015

    BILAT-UKR*AINA project completes its activities

    Today is the last day of the BILAT-UKR*AINA project (Enhancing the BILATeral S&T Partnership with UKRraine * Advanced INnovative Approach), which has supported research, technology and innovation cooperation between the EU and Ukraine since 2012. more
    (URL: http://www.st-gateukr.eu/en/814.php)
  • 29.06.2015

    'Blue Guide' on EU requirements for products now available in Ukrainian

    Ukrainian producers can now get acquainted with the EU Blue Guide in Ukrainian language to better understand the EU product rules and their application across different sectors of the single market.  more
    (URL: http://www.st-gateukr.eu/en/813.php)
  • 19.06.2015

    EU further supports Ukraine’s reform agenda and its economic recovery

    Johannes Hahn, EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy, and Ukraine's Economy Minister, Aivaras Abromavicius, yesterday signed a financing agreement worth €55 million for the programme 'EU Support to Ukraine to Re-launch the Economy' (EU SURE). more
    (URL: http://www.st-gateukr.eu/en/812.php)
  • | Deadline: 1 August 2015

    Ukraine Biorisk Management Enhancement Grant Competition

    The Biorisk Management Enhancement Grant competition aims to improve biosecurity, biosafety and biorisk management procedures and knowledge. It strives to increase biorisk management awareness and its importance in safeguarding science in Ukraine. more
    (URL: http://www.st-gateukr.eu/en/808.php)
  • 09.06.2015

    Ukraine's Minister of Education and Science welcomes new funding initiative by CRDF Global

    With tensions in Ukraine rising, CRDF Global has created a new emergency fund to aid and support the country's struggling scientists and innovators. The initiative is welcomed by Serhiy Kvit, Ukraine's Minister of Education and Science. more
    (URL: http://www.st-gateukr.eu/en/806.php)
  • News

    Interested in more news? After the completion of the BILAT-UKR*AINA project on 30 June 2015, please visit the web portal incrEAST for the latest developments in science, technology and innovation cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union. more
    (URL: http://www.st-gateukr.eu/en/111.php)